Paul Mazzotta Xfactor Pain Management Products

Xfactor Roll On is a very effective FDA approved ingredients with both heat and cold technology to help give lasting pain relief

Professionally used by Medical Day Spas!


Paul Mazzotta XFACTOR 


All n One Body Wash is 3 products in one: liquid gel soap, mild high lather shampoo, and moisturizing facial cleanser. It does not dry the skin like soap can. The OpoponaX Organic Complex relaxes & refreshes your muscles in the shower, or bath. It is perfect for travel, at the gym or at home. Follow with our other therapeutic products to help you feel better throughout your day.

Muscle Shower Xcrub

invigorates stressed muscles and exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin looking smooth and polished. The Opoponax Organic Complex helps to soothe over-worked muscles while the aromatherapy vapor action helps to clear the mind.


 StinX Body Deo Spray

is an all-over body spray with effective deodorant protection and long lasting fragrance.

 ThermX Muscle Massage Gel

helps to relax stressed muscles. The gel consistency is not messy or greasy like other massage oils. It gives excellent slip and play time during the massage. There are several uses for this gel other than massage such as before shaving to prevent razor burn, after shower, and for scalp treatments. It is also great after tanning.

Xtreme Pain Cream

Temporarily relieves minor pain of muscles and joints associated with; arthritis, aches, simple backache, strains, sprains, and bruises.


Opoponax Hand Xanitizer

Kills 99.9% of germs naturally, Infused With OPOPONAX Organic Complex, ALCOHOL FREE, Sanitizes and Moisturizes in One. Leaves hands feeling soft


Healthy Foot Xpray

Refreshes and Deodorizes. It is an herbal treatment specially formulated with Deodorants, Natural Oils, and Healthful properties of our Opoponax Organic Complex plus other ingredients to help keep feet feeling refreshed and clean.. It also COOLS, COMFORTS, & REVIVES tired feet.


Recovery Bath SoaX with OpoponaX Organic Complex

Helps stressed muscles, sports related issues, the discomfort of rheumatism and certain skin disorders. The salts have beneficial calcium and magnesium which soothes sore muscles and conditions your skin. Our unique formula offers specific body, mind, and spiritual benefits helping you achieve a renewed sense of balance and well-being. Your muscles emerge refreshed.



is a very quick drying gel that helps to improve your grip made with natural ingredients which can be used on hands and soles of feet. It is good for all sports and chore.


Xtress Balm

infused with our unique Opoponax Organic Complex is an on the spot unique (take it with you) product designed to give you relief from stress any time of the day. Our unique Opoponax Organic Complex helps to balance your mind, body and emotions. Stress: Force, pressure of one thing upon another. Strain; especially physical, mental or emotional from overwork, worry, etc. Enter the “Xtress tm Balm” Experience to melt away the fatigue present in today’s lifestyles.


Xcell Body Lotion

is a rich luxurious lotion that exfoliates dead skin plus repair various skin imperfections. It helps to give aromatherapy benefits to balance mind/body/spirit from our Opoponax Organic Complex.



Foot Balm helps to protect skin from cracking. It soothes rough, chronic dry & cracked heels, elbows, and knees. Our unique OpoponaX Organic Complex provides aromatherapy for added benefits.


CuXolve Cuticle Oil

This unique product helps to eliminate dry cuticle skin and removes dead skin around the bed of your nails naturally. Infused with our unique Organic Opoponax Complex to help provide softness to the cuticles.


WhiXkers Shave Cream

is a rich , thick luxury shave cream that gives a close and comfortable shave. Our unique Opoponax Organic Complex moisturizes and soothes dry skin helping to lubricate even the toughest beards.



WhiXkers Post Inhibitor Xoother 

Is a revolutionary HAIR GROWTH INHIBITOR. It contains a special natural botanical ingredient proven to reduce the density of hair, delay the visible appearance of hair growth and stubble after shaving, waxing or using depilatory. After a short time, you will begin to notice that you need to remove hair less often. It does not contain harsh chemicals. Our unique OpoponaX Organic Complex soothes skin. Use this product regularly to keep skin smooth and inhibit hair growth.



Xolution Cooling Bump Balm Skin Tender

is infused with our unique OpoponaX Organic Complex and is specially formulated to provide relief from bumps, irritation, and pain that can occur after shaving, waxing or use of depilatories. It absorbs quickly as you apply it. You will start to feel relief from the irritation, pain and itching almost immediately and will see a noticeable difference after one day. Use Xolution regularly for best results.