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Dicalabria – Beauty For Life Brands By Pail Mazzotta
An Enduring Passion for Beauty and Innovation Since 1966.

In 1958 Paul immigrated to America from Calabria, Italy. More recently he re-discovered Bergamotto from his Italian heritage homeland. Paul Mazzotta continues to advance this vision of innovation driven by inspiration and passion. As our source of inspiration continue to unfold, we will continue to offer a wide variety of exciting new products to support a "healthy living" sustainable lifestyle. Paul Mazzotta has created various brands to share with you, your family, and friends the beauty and health promoting qualities of this truly exceptional Begamotto oil. All formulas are infused with our unique Bergamotto Organic Complex Each system contains Bergamotto, a discovery by Paul Mazzotta beauty products formulator from his birthplace, Calabria, Italy.

Bergamotto Organic Complex is an effective remedy for not only scalp issues but also facial and body skin as well. The formulas are infused with our unique Bergamotto Organic Complex works so well because it has natural broad spectrum aromatherapy benefits. Our systems provide you with an effective therapeutic approach for the best salon professional quality results.

BUONO PER TE (Good for You) Outside In! Topical products may penetrate the skin that is why we do not use harsh chemicals, harsh preservatives, parabens, lauryl nor laureth sulfates, phthalates, nor synthetic colors that can damage your body or the environment.

We strive to use natural and organic ingredients when ever possible however to achieve the best and most efficacious products at times we may also use limited amounts of scientific synthesis ingredients that are lab pure.


We use 100% recyclable & biodegradable packaging including PLA.

No Animal Ingredients No Animal Testing

Bergamotto contains key ingredients good for Hair, Body, Skin, Diet and Home. It is beneficial to the hair, is an astringent for the SCALP and is a tonic for the Psyche. The scalp is the source for beautiful hair! Paul has formulated these products to maintain an optimum scalp condition and improve the appearance of hair. Bergamotto DiCalabria ... the jewel of Calbria, Italy.

These Professional quality formulas are:
Invented by: Paul Mazzotta
Discovered in: Calabria, Italy

Organic Bergamotto Complex from Calabria, Italy is the essence of his quality organic products. The unique clay soil and ideal climate in Calabria produces the world's finest quality Bergamotto. It requires 100 Bergamotto oranges to produce just 3 oz. of Bergamotto Essential Oil resulting in a powerful aromatherapy essential oil that has been used for many centuries for all types of home remedies. Experience how nature and science come together in this high performance line of Cosmeceutical spa and hair products as well as Nutriceutical supplements. Now you can personally experience the benefits of Paul's quality organic products for your self.

(Good for You)! Pure and Simple Scientific Technology.

We do not use harsh ingredients (parabens, sulfates, urea nor synthetic colors) in any of our products. We are committed to delivering professional salon quality products that really work without the risk of causing damage to your body or the environment. Finally a product line that is BUONO PER TE (Good for You).
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