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Paul Mazzotta is pleased to introduced his latest Patent Pending Invention "Blnk and its dry"™ hair care system. A new way to deliver Paul's innovative formulas to your hair as never before. This system is a game changer. You must try it to believe how well it works.

An Enduring Passion for Beauty and Innovation Since 1966.

In 1958 Paul immigrated to America from Calabria, Italy. More recently he re-discovered Bergamotto from his Italian heritage homeland. Paul Mazzotta continues to advance this vision of innovation driven by inspiration and passion. As our source of inspiration continue to unfold, we will continue to offer a wide variety of exciting new products to support a "healthy living" sustainable lifestyle.

Paul Mazzotta has created various brands to share with you, your family, and friends the beauty and health promoting qualities of this truly exceptional Begamotto oil.

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BLnK All Spray On Hair Care System - 8 Piece Kit BLnK All Spray On Hair Care System - 2 Piece Kit Acqua di Paolo Duo  - 2 Piece Kit BLnK SHOWER/STYLE & GO System - 5 Piece Kit
BLnK All Spray On Hair Care System - 8 Piece Kit ADDHAIR Combination Kit for Women. The addHAIR products are all especially formulated to achieve ultimate results in dealing with Thin, Fine, Sparse, Aging Hair. The Natural Scalp Nutrition Complex and Science based key ingredient BLnK All Spray On Hair Care System - 5 Piece Kit THIKR Combination Kit includes 8 oz Spray Shampoo, 8 oz Leave On, 4 oz Mousse, 8 oz Thickening Spray, and 3.3 oz Finishing Paste
THIKR Combination Kit
Our Price: $69.00
FRESH-N-UP Combination Kit DANDRUFF Large Combination Kit Repair Combination Kit BLnK All Spray On Hair Care System - 4 Piece Kit
REPAIR Combination Kit
Our Price: $88.00
MOISTURIZING Resveratrol Moisturing Combo Kit SO SMOOTH Keenwa Combo Kit BLnK All Spray On Hair Care System - 8 Piece Kit HAIR COLOR RETENTION Color Shield Serum

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